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19th Breakdown Callout and a Further Recovery

So this morning the DPF light is on again, and this time just 130 miles after a successful regeneration. Ironically I was on the phone with Lorraine Brooks of Land Rover's Executive office when the light came on and asked for her thoughts. Once again the standard response was that she could make no comment until the vehicle had been inspected by the technical team.

After 2 years of trying to rectify this issue surely its time for JLR to look a solution other than trying to make a diagnosis on vehicle which has severe quality control issues.

Looking forward to week of further testing at the workshop to be told once again that this vehicle is apparently performing as per design intent.

As of the 14th April, I have had my vehicle in my possession for a total of 18 days, during which the DPF light has come on a total of 6 times.