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18 Breakdowns and Counting

So it has now been 6 days since my vehicle was finally returned to me after spending 10 weeks undergoing investigation at my local dealership. I received a conclusive phonecall from the Executive Office today who maintained that my vehicle is fault free. I expressed my dissatisfaction at spending £70000 on a vehicle which I have had virtually no enjoyment of due its persistent DPF issues. As a gesture of goodwill Land Rover offered me a meal for 2 at a restaurant of my choice without any acceptance that I have been supplied a vehicle which does not perform to Land Rover standards.

Whilst I was dissappointed and rejected their good will (or lack of), I was left with no option but to escalate my complaint to the motoring Ombudsman.

However on my journey home, just 6 days and 150 miles after receiving my car back from the dealership my DPF warning light is on again. I received a visit from Land Rover Assist this evening who have always advised that my vehicle clearly has a defect which Land Rover have been unable to fix. So here I am waiting for yet another loan vehicle, and wondering why on earth I should every consider buying a Land Rover again.