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A Staggering 17 breakdown callouts !!!!!

So as of today, I am on my 17th breakdown call out from Land Rover Assist, 15 of which are for DPF issues. My car has been recovered to the local dealerships a total of 7 times, and spent weeks on end sitting in the workshop only to be told each time that my vehicle has no issues and that my driving style is responsible for the recurrent DPF problems. After my 10th breakdown Land Rover very reluctantly agreed to change my DPF which unfortunately did not resolve my issues.

Now whilst I accept that driving style can certainly cause a DPF blockage, my car has been experiecing warning lights with intervals between 200-300 miles. How on earth can a car be fit for purpose if just a few hundred miles of journeys can trigger a DPF fault.

I contacted Land Rover Customer Services to raise a complaint. I was initially allocated a case manager who would leave me a weekly voicemail with a message to call her back on a phone line which was always diverted to voicemail. Sadly the only effective way to contact customer services was to write directly to the CEO, Dr Ralph Speth, and within a few hours of making contact I received a hopeful call from the Executive Office. I was advised that as my car was currently at the dealership, the problem would be investigated fully in conjunction with support from the Land Rover Technical Team. The car spent a total of 10 weeks sitting at the dealership undergoing investigation.

Now interestingly I was given a Range Rover Vogue SDV6 as a loan car to use during this period. The vehicle is built on the same platform as the Range Rover Sport, and shares the same SDV6 engine. During the 10 weeks I had this vehicle, I covered 4000 miles of touble free motoring without a single DPF warning. The driver, driving style, and journeys remained idential during this period, and clearly illustrated that there is an underlying and undiagnosed issue causing my recurrent premature DPF faults.

After my investigations were complete I had a lengthy conversation with the Executive Office and was advised of the following:

  • My vehicle is performing without fault and to design intent

  • My driving style is the cause of the DPF faults.

  • Land Rover accept no responsibility for the issues I have experienced with my car.

I asked Land Rover to explain why I had managed to cover 4000 miles in the Vogue without issues, and was advised that the comparison could not be used given that the Vogue is a different vehicle. An extremely patronising response from someone who clearly knows little about the cars themselves.